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Green Forest


Agri-Sense International came to life under the name "Agri-Sense" at the end of 2012. The Company provided Aerial imagery to agriculturists. As the company grew and expanded we changed our name to AGRI-SENSE INTERNATIONAL  in 2015. We started off as an Aerial imagery company, and today we offer a multitude of services. From assessing crops to advising farmers, growers and researchers, AGRI-SENSE has advanced into a new era of managing farms. We have now created and released a farm management app that is changing the way agriculturalist manage their establishments.



Our plans for the future is to continuously upgrade our platforms to better serve our clients. To improve and tailor fit our services to our client's needs and to introduce the concepts of AGRI-SENSE INTERNATIONAL to more countries around the world. We are excited and eager to see what else is in store for us. We hope you join us on this journey of success!



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