Making Management Simple and Effective

Changing the way you Agriculturists Collect, manage and share data

AGRI-SENSE INTERNATIONAL has produced Over 650 000 ha of Aerial Drone Imagery

Our app and services are used in more than 10 countries.

We have helped over 450 users  of AgriSense Maps manage their farms.

Users on AgriSense Maps have mapped over


To provide geographical data and information systems for the effective management and development of agriculture.

Everything we do, we believe in challenging the "usual" and thinking differently. We want to channel our passion for Environmental Management into all the services we provide. AGRI-SENSE INTERNATIONAL develops, changes and grows according to the needs of our clients, we want to provide the best and most effective services out there. Most importantly, we want to show our fellow Agriculturalists, "Agriculture from a different point of view"


The platforms we provide make it possible for businesses/farms of any size to improve their management and workflows by performing a multitude of their daily tasks on one platform.


We are unifying a number of services relating to better management under one roof by providing a platform for farmers to connect with providers and employees. 




  • Help Farmers Increase Yield



  • More Precision in our Farming



  • React to problems in the field effectively and timelessly



  • Provide farmers with tools through remote sensing to help them make better decisions.

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